Assisted Living As Your Housing Option Can Be A Positive Experience Regardless Of Your Age

There is proof that choosing assisted living as your housing option can be a positive experience.  Just consider a recent article about a woman who was living in an assisted living facility.  She will be 100 years old this year — just like the Girl Scouts organization.  Obvious by the interview, her assisted living experience hasn’t slowed her down a bit.  She remains independent with a “can-do” attitude.  It appears she attributed her independence from her 87 years of scouting; saying, “You learn how to be independent, work well with others, and later on in life it will be with you.”  Among the reasons why she has thrived in assisted living and retained so many long time friends are those attributes and her great sense of humor.

According to the article, she started her Girl Scout experience in 1925 as a Brownie.  The Girl Scouts organization had been in existence for thirteen years.  After working her way through brownies, cadets, seniors and mariner’s, she became a troop leader and camp director, then joined the Order of the Evergreen – for Girl Scouts older than 40 years old.

The aim of the Girl Scouts is that girls will develop to their full potential by pursuing goals that include relating to others which increases understanding, skill and respect; establishing a meaningful set of core values to guide their actions and provide for sound decision making; and contributing to the improvement of society.

According to the article, early goals were similar to the Boy Scouts including “remaining active, adventurous, and possessing the survival skills of a soldier.”  Those core values and philosophy of life have continued to serve this 99 year old Girl Scout well — even in her assisted living facility where she continues to thrive, giving to others and her new community.

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