Assisted Living Choices In SW Washington Can Be Overwhelming

I can help you navigate through the sometimes confusing abundance of assisted living choices in SW Washington. After you make that all-important decision of where you or your loved one will live with the appropriate amount of support, you will need to think about how to make that big transition go as smoothly as possible. There are many other families that have gone through this same process. Here are some tips to ease the transition into an assisted living home.

  • Help set up the room ahead of time. Use personal items such as pillows, books, photos, mementos and keepsakes to make the space feel familiar and homey. These familiar things will act as transitional objects that will help connect the new home with the one your senior is leaving.
  • Discuss your loved one’s preferences with the assisted living choices in SW Washington you are considering. The more information you can give about his or her daily routines, food preferences, communication style, and unique habits, the more comfortable the staff can make the transition.
  • Provide a supply of your loved one’s favorite snacks and drinks. Familiar foods are very nurturing and comforting to a person who is in a new situation.
  •  Bring a CD player or an iPod with a selection of favorite music. Music can create connections with other people who may have memories of the same tunes or artists. Music can also help soothe and calm the anxiety that may arise in this time of change.
  • Create a plan for preserving the identity of your loved one. Think about what essential part of his or her self can be maintained in the new environment. If you and the staff can find ways to support cherished hobbies, such as gardening, knitting, playing an instrument, playing cards, etc., this can be another way of bridge from the home one is leaving to the new home.
  • Post a calendar in the new room or home with a schedule of family visits and calls. Introducing predictability will provide a sense of security for your loved one. When a family member isn’t able to visit in person, consider having the staff arrange Skype sessions.

Each one of these tips can help with the transition into one of the many assisted living choices in SW Washington. Let us share our expertise with you, in each of the steps of this important process.

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