Assisted Living In Vancouver WA Could Actually Increase Your Independence

People often associate the move to assisted living in Vancouver WA with giving up independence. Our relationships with seniors have taught us time and again that this is absolutely not the case. Choosing the right Vancouver WA assisted living facility means understanding your needs and analyzing the opportunities each assisted living facility may offer.

Assisted living often  increases independence because the facility offers transportation as part of their services. For many people giving up their drivers license is equal to losing their independence. When we help families investigate assisted living options we talk with you about these very subtle needs in addition to the more obvious needs that may come up in the future.

Many of our clients are very independent, even still driving,  but want the security of knowing assistance is nearby if they do need it.

Another benefit of joining an assisted living community is the chance to connect with peers. Increasing social interaction helps to maintain a sense of independence because we realize others have similar challenges and have found answers that they are willing to share.

In our last post we provided some of the basic points one might consider when looking into the possibility of moving into assisted living in Vancouver WA. However, each client we work with brings their own questions and considerations to the relationship. If you have questions about assisted living that we don’t answer on our website or in our blog please contact us! It is through our clients and their friends and families that we learn how to best serve the seniors in our community!

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