Assisted Living May Become An Option For Caregivers Health

It may be time to consider alternative housing like adult family homes or another type of assisted living in Vancouver WA when your loved one can no longer manage independently in their own home.  And, even when there is a caregiver in the home, there may come a time when adult family homes or some other assisted living setting in the Vancouver area is the best choice.  Knowing when to start thinking about assisted living like adult family homes in Vancouver WA is our specialty here at A Caring Heart.

We have years of experience and expertise in the continuum of care available for adults in the Clark County Washington area and we are proud of the number of satisfied clients we have helped find the right housing option.

We know you want the best for your loved one, but we encourage you to also take care of yourself.  Caregiving can become stressful, which then can cause interpersonal conflict, affect your immune system, and lead to premature aging.  Even after taking some of the courses available through the community college like Self Care for the Caregiver, Anxiety Disorder and the Elderly, DSHS Dementia Care Specialty Training, and Fundamentals of Caregiving, the situation may become too overwhelming for you.  It’s okay, and best for everyone involved, to seek out an alternative housing setting which can include assisted living in Vancouver WA.

Being able to share quality time with your loved one is important.  Let us, here at A Caring Heart, gently guide you through the options.

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