Assisted Living Or Not

When is the right time to start making decisions on behalf of your loved one?  When is it time to move to assisted living?  Many of us who have loved ones who require care ask these perplexing questions.  Studies show that many caregivers go beyond their capacity trying to fill the needs of their loved one, leaving the caregiver at risk; the emotional and physical toll can take years off the life of the caregiver.  So, reaching out to the numerous available resources is important for both the caregiver and their loved one.

Clark County is fortunate to have resources in the community to assist the caregiver or someone who has a loved one who can no longer function independently.  Those resources include various senior agencies, programs, workshops and conferences.  We are more than happy to help you find those senior resources.

Asking questions and reaching out for assistance is healthy and wise.  With our population aging, you are not alone.  Whether you have questions about legal matters, physical, mental or emotional matters, or independent living matters, part of our mission is to help direct you to important resources and, when you feel your love one can no longer manage as is, let us evaluate needs, make recommendations, and help you with your informed decisions which might include an assisted living setting in the Vancouver or Clark County area.

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