Avoid Abuse In An Adult Family Home In Vancouver, WA

As a representative of seniors in the Vancouver, WA area, it is part of my job to insure they are not abused. It is hard to imagine that someone you are paying thousands of dollars to each month would even consider taking advantage of your loved one, but it happens.

Of course, as a senior care advocate, I take the time to know what is happening in Washington state and to insure that the recommendations I make to clients give them the confidence to know their vulnerable loved one is not placed in an adult family home in Vancouver, WA that has any history of abusing or neglecting their residents.

In addition to keeping track of complaints and legal issues surrounding the facilities we represent, we work with other agencies to insure that newcomers to the adult family home business are monitored and meet the standards of care that we would all like to think our seniors are getting.

Tragically, with boomers moving into the ages where senior care is becoming more necessary, there are many for profit companies getting into the marketplace. We understand that any adult family home must make a profit in order to provide adequate care, what we want to insure our clients don’t get involved in is placing their loved ones with agencies that place profits ahead of quality care.

It is a fine line between profit and care. When you are seeking an adult family home you are often in a “crisis” state of mind. By connecting with a qualified, professional senior care consultant like A Caring Heart, you can avoid some of the most common mistakes that families make during this time.

Abuse and neglect are not the only considerations, you want to be sure that the “personality” of the adult family home you are choosing matches with the needs and personality of your loved one as well.

We work with several adult family homes in Vancouver WA that make matching personalities and needs to their home and their staff a priority.

It is our job to help you navigate the critical questions that should be answered before you even visit your first home for consideration.

Some of the top considerations are what your loved one needs help with (mobility, memory issues, incontinence etc.) and the financial situation.

We offer a comprehensive questionnaire for those that wish to inquire with us here:

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