Choosing A Senior Community

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Many seniors prefer senior living communities over living alone. If you haven’t visited a senior living facility lately, you will be surprised to find that senior housing options have changed significantly just in the last decade. The choices today range from cozy and homey to high-end luxury more like a hotel, and they definitely do not have an institutional vibe. Most of the seniors who have moved to assisted living communities or other senior living situations are very happy with their new homes, and are glad they made the move. These are some of the reasons they prefer it to living alone.

  • No more yard upkeep and home maintenance chores. These things can become very difficult to keep up with, especially as we age and develop physical limitations.
  • An end to boredom. There are all kinds of activities and entertainment opportunities both within the facility and out in the wider community.
  • Improved relationships with family members. When older adults live alone, they often become quite dependent on their children or other family members for help and caregiving. This can put a strain on relationships from both sides.
  • Better food choices. Let’s face it, sometimes seniors living alone don’t eat properly or healthily. In a senior living community there will be no grocery shopping, no cooking or meal prep. There is tasty, healthy food and food choices, and accommodations for special dietary needs.
  • Access to safe transportation. For those who no longer drive, or who want to be free of the stress of driving themselves, there is transportation available.
  • Opportunities for socializing. There is always someone around to talk with, play a game with, share a meal with, take a walk with, and so on. . . there is no reason to feel isolated.
  • Feeling Safe. Residents of senior communities are protected from becoming victims of crime. They also have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that there are emergency systems in place in case of a fall or other situation in which help is required.

Of course, there are many seniors living alone who are doing just fine. Senior communities aren’t for everyone, but there are still many seniors living alone in unsafe or unhealthy situations. Many who would benefit tremendously from making the move into some type of senior community. Let us help you find the senior living community that meets your needs at A Caring Heart Senior Housing Referral Service.

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