Saving Money And The Environment

Moving your household can have a big impact on the environment, with all the packing materials that are necessary, not to mention the gas and emissions from the moving trucks. There is usually lots of garbage generated, too. Minimizing your ecological footprint during this process will take some forethought and extra planning, but it will save you money and save some wear and tear on the planet. It is worth the extra effort. Some ideas to consider:

  • Use recycled boxes and cartons. Find used boxes at various types of stores. Borrow them from friends, family, or neighbors. Check Craigslist for free or low cost boxes. Buy, borrow or rent reusable plastic containers.
  • Use recycled paper for wrapping your things. Shredded paper makes a terrific insulator for almost any item you are packing.
  • Get rid of items you no longer need or want, and those that won’t fit into your new home.
  • Donate items to charities
  • Sell items online or at a garage sale or consignment shop.
  • Ask the moving company if they have green practices. Many moving companies do not, but it always good to ask, because the more people ask, the more companies will get the message that this is a value that many of their customers are looking for in a moving company.

Of course, not everyone has the resources available to carry out a perfectly green move. But being aware of the impact your move has on the planet is a really good start to a greener move. And remember, when you or your loved one is ready to make that move, contact us at A Caring Heart to help you find that new home that is the perfect fit for you.

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