Senior Advisors Vancouver, WA Help With Assisted Living Selection

After you have made the big decision to move to assisted living, you will face the task of choosing which facility is the right one for you. A big consideration will be the location of the home. It’s so important that you select a location that you will be happy with over time. A Caring Heart Senior Advisors Vancouver, WA is here to help with this big decision.

Think about what it’s most important to you to have nearby. You may want to live somewhere new and enjoy exciting new things to see and do. Perhaps there’s somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, a climate that seems more inviting. However, most seniors prefer to stay in the area where they currently live. The vast majority of seniors want to have family and friends close by, and to live in a familiar area. They want to stay as close to “home” as possible, and be able to keep going to the same doctor, the same hairdresser, their favorite restaurant, their church, etc.

It will be an emotional time as you move from your original home and leave behind some of your possessions. It can help to remember that it gets easier over time, and your new place will come to feel like home. Especially if you are able to bring family, friends and familiar belongings along with you as, in time, you add new friends and new experiences to your world.

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