Short Term Options

Many seniors who are looking for senior housing don’t know about short term stay options that are available at many senior living communities. There are a few different reasons you or your loved one might need a short term stay. At some senior communities they offer flexible, temporary and customized care solutions to meet the unique needs of seniors.

Sometimes short term housing and care is needed after a hospital stay. Respite care can be a useful intermediate step between the hospital and home. When your loved one is not quite ready to return to living independently at home, respite care can beĀ a wise choice.

When seniors have caregivers, those caregivers will at times need to have a break, whether they go on an actual vacation or just take some time off. Many senior communities offer a short term option with a range of personalized services depending on the needs of the senior.

Another reason to sign up for a short term stay is to do a trial stay in a senior community to try it out before making a decision about living there long term. This is a great opportunity to experience firsthand the many benefits and amenities of a particular community, and to see if it is a good fit for you.


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