• Aging Skin

    Caring For Aging Skin

    You may notice the following changes as your skin ages. It becomes thinner and loses fat, looking less smooth than it used to. Veins and bones become more prominent through the skin. Scratches, cuts and bruises take longer to heal. The years of tanning or being out in the sun lead to wrinkles, age spots, dryness or cancer. Many seniors struggle with dry skin. There are many possible reasons for this, including being out in the sun, not drinking enough liquids, being in dry air, smoking, stress, losing sweat and oil glands with age. Dry skin may also be caused by certain health problems such as diabetes or kidney disease. Habits such as using too much soap, antiperspirant, or perfume will make a dry skin problem worse. Some medicines can also make the skin drier or itchier. Lotions, creams and ointments for dry skin can go a long way to soothe dry skin when used regularly. There are some simple […]

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  • Woman Hugging Her Mother

    Caring for Aging Parents

    It is typical for aging parents to maybe ask for an occasional favor, but most won’t ask their adult children for help with the house or with their daily activities, even though they may actually need it. Instead, they’re likely to adjust or adapt their needs or their activities. They might just do their tasks more slowly, they may use an adaptive device such as a reacher, or they might agree to wear a medical alert bracelet or necklace. The problem is, they may not be admitting to their “kids” that they are having trouble with some things, such as remembering when to take medication, or tripping and¬ dropping things, or they are not eating regularly. They may see these things as none of the kids’ business or they themselves may be in denial about what’s happening. It can be that the¬ adult children are in denial too. It can be hard to acknowledge that a parent is declining and […]

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  • Lonely Elderly Man

    Loneliness In Later Life

    Many recent studies have linked loneliness in the elderly population with declining health and earlier death. The statistics on isolation and loneliness are sobering. One study found that adults 60¬ or older who described themselves as lonely were 59% more likely to show a decrease in their ability to carry out daily activities.¬ A study published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry found that elderly people who thought of¬ themselves as lonely, regardless of whether they lived alone, were twice as likely to develop dementia than others over a three year¬ time frame. A recent study done by Brigham Young University looked at the health records of 300,000 adults, and they found that loneliness was a strong predictor of an early death. Just as strong a predictor as alcoholism or daily smoking. And it was an even better predictor than variables such as obesity or sedentary lifestyle. The researchers in this study urged that we need to acknowledge […]

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  • Coping With Guilt Over A Move To Assisted Living

    The process of managing our aging parents’ lives and futures can evoke all kinds of feelings, from denial and fear, to guilt and inadequacy, to confusion and ambivalence. As adult children we suddenly find ourselves in the role of caregiver for our elderly parents, who have been the ones to care for us. This reversal¬ of roles brings up many different emotions for both parent and child.¬ When the decision to move to assisted living has been made, it will be very challenging for an elderly parent to adjust to a new life, to make new acquaintances, to learn to trust new caregivers, to adapt to a new schedule and a new living space. While they are adjusting to those things, we, as adult children, are shifting our identity to that of decision-maker, while at the same time perhaps struggling with the guilt that comes from admitting that we can’t take care of our parents¬ ourselves. While moving anyone into […]

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  • More Good News On Senior Services In Vancouver, WA

    The Southwest Washington Agency on Aging and Disabilities has been in the news again. The agency recently won the Washington State Council on Aging 2012 Excellence in Action Award. The award was earned in part for the agency’s role in countywide planning for the increase in the 65 and older population. When it comes to senior services and resources, including a wide variety of assisted living options, the Vancouver and Clark County area is fortunate. And other states have taken notice: Clark County’s preparations and planning for future needs has been a role model. Being dedicated to helping clients make good choices when it comes to senior housing options in the Vancouver and Clark County area like assisted living, adult family homes, retirement communities, nursing homes, or memory care, Alzheimer care, or Parkinson’s care units, we are thrilled with the progress this agency has made within the five southwest Washington counties it now serves.

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  • Aging, Longevity And Long Term Care Knowledge

    Learning about aging, longevity, and long term care may make all the difference in your life or the life of a loved one.¬ Remaining as independent as possible, whether residing at home, in the home of family, or in an assisted living setting, is something we all want.¬ There are various ways to help. This week there are two events in the Vancouver, WA/Portland, OR area. One is a conference that features a nationally recognized expert on aging and longevity, the other is training for persons who are interested in volunteering to help improve the quality of life and ensure the rights of the elderly and disabled living in long term care homes. Oregon Health and Science University is holding its second annual Healthy Aging Conference Wednesday, October 10, at the Portland Art Museum from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.¬ Dr. Walter Bortz II, a clinical professor of medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine, will present the keynote address […]

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  • Assisted Living Helped Rank Our Area High

    We‚Äôve been hearing a lot about our community and its readiness in caring for its aging population, whether they are residing in assisted living or not.¬ There is good news for those who plan to remain in the area after age 65! Out of 359 ‚Äúsmall‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúlarge‚ÄĚ metro areas, the Portland-Vancouver-Beaverton metro area in the ‚ÄúLarge Metros‚ÄĚ category ranked 24th overall on the list “Best Cities for Successful Aging.” ¬ According to the recent Columbian article, criteria included ‚Äúcost of living, crime rates, employment for the 65 to 79 age group, living arrangements, health care, wellness, financial, transportation and community engagement.‚ÄĚ While we have made great progress in some areas, we know that there is work to be done in better preparing our community for the numbers of baby boomers and their parents and the non-profit Santa Monica-based think tank, Milken Institute, agrees.¬ We do better for the 80 and older category than the 65 to 79 category. But […]

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  • Assisted Living Can Be Postponed

    With the recently honored work of agencies like the Southwest Washington Agency on Aging and Disabilities, assisted living in Vancouver WA can be postponed. Back in 2009, the Southwest Washington Agency on Aging and Disabilities helped sponsor a forum on aging, the ‚ÄúGet Ready for Aging Boom‚ÄĚ. Knowing the impact of aging baby boomers and their goal to remain independent as long as possible without the need for assisted living, the federally designated agency has continued its mission to promote independence, choice, well being and dignity for persons aged 60 and over, adults with disabilities and their families through a comprehensive, coordinated system of home and community based services. This month the agency was honored at an annual conference. The Southwest Washington Agency on Aging and Disabilities has received an Aging Achievement Award from the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging for it Aging Boom forum. The 2009 forum involved more than 180 participants ranging from local service providers, […]

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  • Assisted Living, Adult Family Homes And Memory Care Are Only A Part Of Aging Readiness

    The Clark County Aging Readiness Task Force is going to be at the Clark County Fair at Booth 93 in the Exhibition Hall. In addition to helping families seek the right assisted living, adult family home or memory care location for their loved ones, Kathy has been an active member of this task force. The¬ Aging Readiness Task Force¬ was convened to help address how Clark County can meet the needs of an aging population. Kathy will be at the booth Saturday, August 6th from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.and would love to have you stop by to say hello and gather information. See you at the FAIR!!!

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