• Sad Elderly Man

    How Is Depression Related To Dementia?

    Researchers have done a lot of theorizing about how depression is related to dementia. A recent study¬ (published in the journal, Neurology)¬ finds that there is, indeed, a link between depression and¬ dementia, and further research is needed to understand more about the cause and effect relationship between the two.¬ The major theories on the reason depression and dementia often occur together fall into three groups. One theory says that depression¬ is an early sign or symptom of dementia. Another theory is that when depression occurs, it damages the brain, leading to dementia. Stress and depression result in the release of cortisol. Over the course of time, cortisol can cause harm to the brain. A third theory is that depression may cause reduced brain volume which is a significant risk factor of dementia. There are some important take-aways from this research. One valuable¬ conclusion of these findings is that people with depression symptoms should get treatment for it even if […]

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  • Lonely Elderly Woman

    Easing Loneliness For Seniors

    After last week’s article on the serious consequences of what some have called the “senior loneliness epidemic”, we have some very effective suggestions for counteracting loneliness and isolation. If you’re worried about an older friend or family member, or are yourself feeling the effects of isolation, consider these solutions. Look for a new living situation. Staying in your home after family and friends move away, can lead to¬ social isolation. Women are more likely to live alone as they get older. Seniors who live in some kind of senior community will often say they wish they had moved sooner. In these communities social activities and social interaction are easy to access, and feelings of loneliness are much less prevalent. Solve any transportation issues. Social isolation can be caused by a lack of transportation, which¬ can then impact¬ one’s social life. Keep in mind that most cities have great¬ transportation options for seniors. Contact your local agency on aging for more […]

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  • Lonely Elderly Man

    Loneliness In Later Life

    Many recent studies have linked loneliness in the elderly population with declining health and earlier death. The statistics on isolation and loneliness are sobering. One study found that adults 60¬ or older who described themselves as lonely were 59% more likely to show a decrease in their ability to carry out daily activities.¬ A study published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry found that elderly people who thought of¬ themselves as lonely, regardless of whether they lived alone, were twice as likely to develop dementia than others over a three year¬ time frame. A recent study done by Brigham Young University looked at the health records of 300,000 adults, and they found that loneliness was a strong predictor of an early death. Just as strong a predictor as alcoholism or daily smoking. And it was an even better predictor than variables such as obesity or sedentary lifestyle. The researchers in this study urged that we need to acknowledge […]

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  • Meditation And Assisted Living May Help Ease Loneliness In Seniors

    There are numerous reasons why someone might feel assisted living in Vancouver WA would be the right choice.¬ Sometimes the decision to choose assisted living or some other senior housing setting may be due to memory issues or health issues.¬ Sometimes the decision may be due to loneliness.¬ Or perhaps you just want to ‚Äúdownsize‚ÄĚ and let the burdens of managing a home fall on someone else so you can take advantage of activities you still enjoy. If your reason for considering some sort of assisted living in Vancouver WA or assisted living in Clark County is due to loneliness, there may be a different solution to try first. Turns out learning to meditate might help ease feelings of loneliness among seniors according to University of California, Los Angeles and Pittsburgh‚Äôs Carnegie Mellon University researchers. The participants were mostly women between the ages of 55 and 85.¬ They enrolled in an eight-week program of ‚Äúmindfulness-based stress reduction.‚Ä̬ Randomly selected, some […]

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