• Meditation And Assisted Living May Help Ease Loneliness In Seniors

    There are numerous reasons why someone might feel assisted living in Vancouver WA would be the right choice. Sometimes the decision to choose assisted living or some other senior housing setting may be due to memory issues or health issues. Sometimes the decision may be due to loneliness. Or perhaps you just want to “downsize” and let the burdens of managing a home fall on someone else so you can take advantage of activities you still enjoy. If your reason for considering some sort of assisted living in Vancouver WA or assisted living in Clark County is due to loneliness, there may be a different solution to try first. Turns out learning to meditate might help ease feelings of loneliness among seniors according to University of California, Los Angeles and Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University researchers. The participants were mostly women between the ages of 55 and 85. They enrolled in an eight-week program of “mindfulness-based stress reduction.” Randomly selected, some […]

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