• Senior Couple Relocating

    Relocating to Assisted Living

    When you have exhausted all of the home support and home care options, it is likely time to explore¬ assisted living and¬ other alternative long term care choices that involve moving you or your loved one from their current home. To know which assisted living setting is best for your circumstances, it might be helpful to ask someone who is familiar with senior services. ¬ You could speak with other families who have had some experience with their own assisted living search, your physician, or a social worker. If you are in a hospital, skilled nursing home, or working with a home health agency, you can ask the discharge planner or social worker.¬ Or there are national services, like the Eldercare Locator, which is a nationwide toll-free service to help older adults and their caregivers find local services, but the perfect choice would be someone who is familiar with all of the various long term care and assisted living community […]

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  • Assisted Living Choices Appealing

    As far as assisted living in Vancouver WA and Clark County, we are lucky to have such a variety of resources.¬ Those resources also include senior housing options like adult family homes, retirement communities, and skilled nursing facilities. ¬ Retirement and assisted living communities can usually be found in quiet residential areas and have many amenities for those who enjoy assorted activities.¬ It‚Äôs common to see state of the art safety and emergency communication systems, too. ¬ In fact, of the various communities and facilities, there are appealing aspects to each. Recently it was reported that one of our post acute rehabilitation facilities was awarded a five-star rating by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).¬ Fort Vancouver Convalescent Center earned the excellent rating based meeting specific criteria in the areas of staffing, health inspections and quality care.¬ We offer a ‚Äúcongratulations‚ÄĚ to them! It‚Äôs nice to know that Clark County has a lot to offer when it comes […]

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  • Helping You Find The Right Senior Housing Option Is Our Pleasure

    There is nothing more satisfying than to help a family locate the right senior housing option for their loved one. Whether they have plenty of time or there is a need to rush the search, we have helped so many seniors find a housing arrangement suitable for them. When your loved one can benefit from some level of assistance in their daily activities, it is important to find just the right level of assistance with the future in mind. And matching interests and accommodations are important, too. Some seniors remain quite active and prefer a setting conducive to wide variety of activities. Other seniors prefer a more sedate or social setting. Some settings offer more independence than others do, some allow pets, some offer some medical care. Offering our expertise in senior housing options and senior resources in the area as well as our familiarity with current vacancies, we help families make informed decisions. We know how to narrow your […]

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