When It’s Time To Make The Move To Senior Housing Vancouver, WA

Families often wonder when it is the right time to start the process of moving an aging parent or grandparent into some kind of senior housing Vancouver WA.  If you have a loved one who is living alone, these are some of the signs that it may be time to open the dialogue about moving to an assisted living facility.

  • A parent is talking about the possibility of a future move. This may signal that he or she is recognizing that they have a limitation of some kind, or that they see a need for more help. They may be more open to the idea of moving than you thought.
  • They have some difficulty walking or are becoming unsteady on their feet. Falls can lead to serious injuries. Falls that occur when an elder lives alone can become a life-threatening situation.
  • A parent is having changes in appetite or showing signs of weight loss. If they are not eating or drinking enough, this is a concern. If there is unexplained weight loss, this could signal an important medical issue.
  • He or she is showing a reluctance to socialize. Many seniors start to isolate themselves if they are having memory problems or hearing problems. They may be embarrassed to let others know that they can’t keep up with the conversation because they can’t hear everything or remember things.
  • They are making mistakes with their medication, either missing doses or taking too much. Many medications require a steady level in the bloodstream to be effective. Missing doses or doubling doses can lead to serious complications.
  • You find unopened mail or several days of mail still in the mailbox. This can signal memory problems, depression, or medication side effects. Unopened mail can result in financial or legal issues.
  • There is a lack of food in the house or spoiled food. Lack of adequate or fresh food could be a transportation issue or an eyesight issue or a judgment issue.
  • A parent is having problems with grooming or housekeeping.
  • They are having driving problems such as failing eyesight, using poor judgment, or having accidents, even small ones.
  • There have been some personality changes. These can be a sign of a health or mental health issue.

Use these signs as your cues that it could be time to begin the process of looking for senior housing Vancouver, WA. We are here to help you understand what your choices are and to help your family make these important decisions.

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