A Facebook Study From Senior Advisors Vancouver, WA

A recent study done at the University of Arizona was designed to test whether teaching older adults to use Facebook could a) help improve their cognitive functioning, and b) enable them to feel more socially connected. The participants ranged in age from 68 to 91.

After eight weeks the study group that learned to use Facebook scored 25% higher than their pre-study scores for cognitive function and also on their social variables, which included loneliness levels and amount of social support. The improvement may be due to participating in the social nature of Facebook, or due to the mental activity of learning something new, or a combination of these two factors.

There is a body of research that shows that older people who stay cognitively active, learning new skills and using their intellect, will score higher on cognitive tests than those who don’t keep their minds active. Another group of studies shows that those who stay socially engaged, are less lonely, and have more social support into later life are also more likely to have better cognitive function as they age. This current study combines these two ideas into a theory about using social media to enhance cognitive abilities.

The results of this study tell us that using social media such as Facebook produces cognitive and social benefits for seniors. You can find A Caring Heart Senior Advisors Vancouver, WA on Facebook.  Like us!

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