Relocation Services

We help our clients with assisted living in Vancouver, WA. Moving into a senior living community is a significant change for all the family members involved. The goal of A Caring Heart is to help clients make the best decision for their situation regarding senior housing or assisted living in Vancouver, WA. Many people ask when they need to start discussing moving their folks into a senior community. Read on and learn more about knowing when it is time to move to assisted living.

Elderly Woman And ChildA Caring Heart’s Role
Kathy’s knowledge and years of experience working with senior programs, and especially senior living communities, provides seniors and their families with a valuable resource when considering assisted living in Vancouver WA or other senior housing options. The value of this experience is recognized and appreciated as a marketing asset by the senior housing market.

The fees to A Caring Heart are paid by the housing facility through an agreement with each organization. A Caring Heart endeavors to sign the same agreement with all senior living providers, so that our focus can be placed on the options you will want to consider. A great deal of time and effort is spent in working with the various facilities and their staff to know and understand the strengths of each housing option in order to assist families in making appropriate choices.

How Does A Caring Heart Work?
A phone call starts the process of learning how we can successfully work together. The steps below outline the typical process for finding appropriate senior housing placement.

A Caring Heart
360 608-8177

  • A phone call or e-mail to Les Ostermeier of A Caring Heart starts the process. She will call you and ask details about your current situation. Contact Kathy.
  • Health, financial, and lifestyle considerations are discussed confidentially as well as what senior housing options want to be considered during this initial assessment conversation.
  • Based on this information gathered during the initial assessment, Kathy will contact prospective facilities and arrange for a convenient time for tours.
  • The decision regarding which senior living option is chosen is the resident’s with family input. Kathy’s role is that of a consultant. She will assist with helping the resident and family ask good questions and discerning information, but the final choice is that of the resident.
  • When a choice is made, deposit and facility move-in procedures will be discussed with housing staff. Kathy will assist with arranging health assessments if needed.
  • Payment to A Caring Heart for Kathy’s services is provided through an agreement with the housing facility; therefore a resident, at the time of move-in, must be paying with private funds or long-term care insurance. Kathy receives a flat fee regardless of the facility selected.
  • Follow-up during the first month by Kathy will be conducted—it is the goal that the choice for senior housing was a good one for the resident, family and facility.