Assisted Living Clark County, WA: Nutrition Needs Of Seniors

Senior nutrition is a very important factor in the decision to move to assisted living Clark County, WA. As one ages it becomes harder to shop for groceries and to prepare healthy meals. It is often difficult for a single person living alone to cook full, healthy meals. Most assisted living facilities offer three meals daily, and many have a variety of mealtime and menu choices available.

When planning meals for seniors, there are some special considerations that must be taken into account. Seniors often have a decreased ability to taste and smell foods, they may take medications that have certain side effects, and their appetites can be variable. Many seniors require special diets to help manage their chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. There are also seniors who need to lose or to gain weight. These are all examples of special dietary requirements that can be found in assisted living facilities, and which are addressed by the nutritional staff. Seniors who are well-nourished and hydrated will be healthier overall.

While all the nutrition factors above are important, a meal is more than just healthy food, it’s a social highlight of the day for residents. Social connection at mealtimes is essential for well-being. Relaxing and positive social interaction can aid digestion. For many residents, mealtimes at assisted living Clark County, WA become the most anticipated event of the day.

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