Making New Friends In Elder Care Facilities In Vancouver, WA

After making the move to a new home, it will be important to establish some new social connections. There are many studies showing that having a strong social network is correlated to psychological well-being, brain health and longevity. Although it may feel awkward during those first few weeks, it is well worth the effort to step out of your comfort zone and meet new people. In high quality elder care facilities in Vancouver, WA, building those relationships can be fun and rewarding.

One effective way to meet people and begin developing friendships is to participate in activities that interest you. Following your passion is great way to find others with whom you have something in common. When you see the same people over and over, you start building the bonds that can lead to friendship. Experts say it takes six to eight interactions between two people before they start to think of themselves as friends.

Because friendship takes some time to grow, it is important to stay in contact with old friends at this time. This will keep you from being too lonely or needy. Friends from the past help give a feeling of continuity to your life when so much is new and different. It can also be helpful to ask your established circle of friends if they know anyone in your new location that you can connect with. This is a great way to meet new people. For more information on finding elder care facilities in Vancouver, WA, contact us at A Caring Heart.

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