Moving To Assisted Living Clark County, WA

When it’s time to leave your old home and move to a new one, it can be a very emotional time. Seniors may find moving especially difficult. Their moves are often preceded by some kind of life change. It may be a health condition, loss of a family member, financial circumstances, or a need for more support.

A move, even one that is by choice, is a huge change. And change can be stressful. The old house may have been home to the senior for a long time, and it holds many memories. It may be where they raised a family and created a community over many years. This transition will be a lot of work, both physical and emotional. However, the process can be eased with planning, organizing and plenty of help from family and friends.

Organizing experts recommend sorting your belongings ahead to time into piles to “keep”- those things you will take with you into the new home, “give away”, and “sell”. This may save not only time, but money too. You will save money by avoiding having things moved that you will just get rid of later. The keep pile may be further divided into things that will go into your new place and things that will go into storage. The give away pile may be divided into things to give to charity and things to give to loved ones. There are several different options for selling your things as well.

Sorting your belongings for a move into assisted living Clark County, WA can be a big job. It is best to start well in advance, give yourself plenty of time, and keep at it until moving day. The benefits in stress reduction, money saved, and easing the transition in the new home are well worth the effort.

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