Senior Services Clark Vancouver, WA and Community Involvement

Building your community, whether it is the community within your living facility or the wider community we are talking about, is a win-win situation. The community you support, supports you. Participating and contributing to your community will be rewarding, challenging and invigorating. Here are some suggestions about how you can help.

Participate in your local government on whatever level you feel comfortable. Your experience and skills are needed in your community.

Manage a food drive. You can help supply your local food pantry or provide food and supplies for distant communities in need. Either way you are providing a huge service to the many people around the world who experience hunger every day.

Organize a community garden. It’s a great way to create a feeling of belonging and neighborhood connection. Planting, watering and nurturing a community garden is a sure way to foster community togetherness.

Consider volunteering at a school, hospital, senior center or animal shelter. You can make a positive difference at any of these places. They are always in need of more caring, helping hands.

A Caring Heart Senior Services Vancouver, WA recommends getting involved in your community as a way of increasing your feelings of fulfillment and connection. And you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have contributed to the strength and health of your community.

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