• Short Term Options

    Many seniors who are looking for senior housing don’t know about short term stay options that are available at many senior living communities. There are a few different reasons you or your loved one might need a short term stay. At some senior communities they offer flexible, temporary and customized care solutions to meet the unique needs of seniors. Sometimes short term housing and care is needed after a hospital stay. Respite care can be a useful intermediate step between the hospital and home. When your loved one is not quite ready to return to living independently at home, respite care can be¬ a wise choice. When seniors have caregivers, those caregivers will at times need to have a break, whether they go on an actual vacation or just take some time off. Many senior communities offer a short term option with a range of personalized services depending on the needs of the senior. Another reason to sign up for […]

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  • Seniors And Pets

    The Benefits of Pets

    Pets not only provide companionship and help dispel the loneliness seniors can struggle with, but their presence also has real health benefits. Pets can be very good company and provide comfort to their owners in a way only a nonjudgmental animal can. The loving presence of a pet actually produces chemicals in the brain that helps lower stress. The levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, drop, and serotonin levels increase when one spends time with a pet. Living with a beloved pet can help anyone live a healthier life. It has been shown to reduce blood pressure and heart rate. It also can help lower cholesterol, fight depression, and contribute to the prevention of heart disease. For these reasons and many others, Cascade Inn in Vancouver welcomes pets to live with residents. Living with a pet has been shown to reduce stress for those with memory loss. It can also strengthen self-esteem, help build social relationships, and encourage seniors to […]

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  • Getting Creative About How To Pay For Senior Care

    The good news is that senior housing in an assisted living facility or adult family care home is a lot less expensive than you might think – especially when you compare these costs to long term care or nursing homes. Depending on the level of care and amenities, you can expect to pay $3,000 – $8,000 per month for assisted living, compared to $10,000 and up for a nursing home or long term medical care facility. Many people initially think there is no way to afford assisted living,¬ but there are many ways that families can come up with the resources to help with senior housing expenses: Veterans Benefits: If your loved one (or your loved one’s spouse) was a veteran, you may find you have some great assisted living benefits. Veterans benefits can be used to pay for residential care in a variety of situations. One set of benefits is available to those with service-related injuries or disabilities; another […]

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