Technology For Seniors

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The numbers of seniors using some form of technology is rapidly growing. According to a 2012 survey, more than half of older adults use the internet and cell phones. It’s an important trend because today’s technology can help seniors be engaged, connected, safe, and mentally active. Technology will play a bigger and more important role in the lives of seniors as we move into the future.

Many seniors are already using tablets and iPads. These enable them to participate in activities that exercise their brains, and also to maintain their social ties. The new devices are lightweight, have easy-to-use touch screens, and are easy to see, making them ideal for senior use. Tablets can be used to view photos, access email and social media, listen to music, read, play games, and stay informed.

Video and computer games are also becoming more popular with the older generation. They can improve cognition and mental agility. Game systems such as the Wii can also promote physical health, and other games encourage social interaction.

Another tool that supports social interaction is Skype. It makes communicating with long-distance family members easy and fun. It can be used on smartphones, tablets and computers.

There are now lots of apps and software that help seniors monitor their health. This is a great resource for seniors that need help with medication reminders, monitoring physical activity and sleep, and tracking nutrition. This technology empowers seniors to take charge of their own health and wellness.

Smartphones are constantly becoming more senior-friendly. There are models with larger buttons and larger font choices. We now also have photo speed dialing and voice recognition options that contribute to the ease of use. Cell phones allow seniors to stay in touch with friends and family, and they also can perform important safety functions such as providing GPS locations and medication reminders.

Wireless home monitoring systems are another safety tool that can help seniors stay in their homes longer, or be safer in any living situation. Sensor devices can detect emergencies or unusual behavior, even track vital signs for seniors living alone.

If you have a senior who worries about getting lost, or has dementia and may wander, GPS technology can help. Caregivers or family can be immediately alerted if the senior goes too far. There are GPS trackers that attach to the wrist or clothing for convenience.

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