Assisted Living And Other Clark County Senior Housing Options May Be Better Than Most

Clark County has an advantage over many communities across the nation when it comes to senior housing options.  Vancouver and Clark County have a number of adult family homes and assisted living settings as well as retirement communities, memory care units, skilled nursing facilities, and residential care facilities that other communities may not have.

Why does this matter? Because nationwide our population is aging.  By 2030, one in four Clark County residents will be at least 60 years or older.  This means housing needs are changing.  Older adults usually experience a decrease in income, physical agility, and support systems.  This creates the necessity to start changing our neighborhoods now if the goal is to assist older adults to remain in the communities they are accustomed to.  Of course, building safe neighborhoods with affordable housing and nearby essential services is a lengthy process. Being sure older adults and their loved ones are informed about senior housing and assisted living opportunities and resources is paramount.

Being prepared for the future is important, so whether you need an alternative residence now or believe you might need one in the future, we are here to assist.  We are dedicated to keeping up to date with all of  assisted living in Vancouver WA and Clark County as well as other senior resources. We will continue to monitor the wide array of housing options in Clark County along with the criteria for each of the levels of care.  Clark County is indeed fortunate – and it’s our honor to be able to assist our clients and the community in many aspects.

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