• Pleasant Valley Senior Care

    Pleasant Valley Adult Family Home, Vancouver, Washington is a licensed elder care facility providing assisted living services to seniors needing assistance in their day to day living. Our caregivers are trained and experienced.

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  • Angelbrook Senior Living

    Angelbrook Senior Living

    The staff at Angelbrook Senior Living provide personalized services designed to meet the needs of every patient. The dedicated health professionals offer the assistance you need while respecting your independence.

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  • Aging Skin

    Caring For Aging Skin

    You may notice the following changes as your skin ages. It becomes thinner and loses fat, looking less smooth than it used to. Veins and bones become more prominent through the skin. Scratches, cuts and bruises take longer to heal. The years of tanning or being out in the sun lead to wrinkles, age spots, dryness or cancer. Many seniors struggle with dry skin. There are many possible reasons for this, including being out in the sun, not drinking enough liquids, being in dry air, smoking, stress, losing sweat and oil glands with age. Dry skin may also be caused by certain health problems such as diabetes or kidney disease. Habits such as using too much soap, antiperspirant, or perfume will make a dry skin problem worse. Some medicines can also make the skin drier or itchier. Lotions, creams and ointments for dry skin can go a long way to soothe dry skin when used regularly. There are some simple […]

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  • Short Term Options

    Many seniors who are looking for senior housing don’t know about short term stay options that are available at many senior living communities. There are a few different reasons you or your loved one might need a short term stay. At some senior communities they offer flexible, temporary and customized care solutions to meet the unique needs of seniors. Sometimes short term housing and care is needed after a hospital stay. Respite care can be a useful intermediate step between the hospital and home. When your loved one is not quite ready to return to living independently at home, respite care can be a wise choice. When seniors have caregivers, those caregivers will at times need to have a break, whether they go on an actual vacation or just take some time off. Many senior communities offer a short term option with a range of personalized services depending on the needs of the senior. Another reason to sign up for […]

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  • Windsor Gardens

    Windsor Gardens Vancouver WA is a unique, small community that caters to the memory impaired. The beautiful grounds were once a botanical garden featured in the National Geographic.

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  • Cascade Inn

    Cascade Inn in Vancouver WA is a senior living community offering independent living, assisted living, and respite care. With a dedicated, caring staff, a vibrant activity schedule, and a pet friendly environment, Cascade Inn provides a level of support to each individual that meets their needs.

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  • Glenwood Place Exterior

    Glenwood Place

    The lifestyle options at Glenwood Place Senior Living cover a range of needs. On the Glenwwood Place campus there are options that include independent living, assisted living, enhanced care, and memory care.

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  • The Quarry Exterior

    The Quarry

    The Quarry Senior Living center is located near Columbia Tech Center in Vancouver, WA. This beautiful multi-care level retirement community supports the concept of “aging in place”.

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  • Van Mall Exterior

    Van Mall

    Van Mall offers an active community featuring both independent living and assisted living options. With a warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere, and located in a comfortable, residential neighborhood, Van Mall truly feels like home.

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  • Harmony ALS

    ALS Adult Family Home

    Harmony ALS adult family home offers all the comforts of home in a country like setting. Don’t worry though you will find in-town amenities close by. There are nearby grocery and drug stores plus an elementary school right around the corner.

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